About Me

Helping you find your Scottish ancestors who came to America prior to the Revolution and after the Civil War ~ what brought them here, what migration paths did they travel, and where did they settle?

Dianne Bergstedt

Genealogist, Author, Lecturer, and Blogger 
Focusing on the Genealogy, History and Migration Pathways of our Scottish-American ancestors.

A wee bit about me:
Maine Ulster Scots Webmistress and Public Relations Director, Genealogist. Worked with John Mann, owner of the 'Maine Ulster Scots Project' to present the history of the Scots in Maine to regional schools, historical societies and Highland Games and Scottish Festivals.

Contributing author of articles to the Maine Ulster Scots web site and to the book, 'Ulster Scots on the Coast of Maine, Volume 1', written by John Mann.

Publisher of online newspaper 'Scottish Americans, Rednecks, Rebels and Rogues'.

Former Executive Board member of state Scottish society, the St. Andrews Society of Maine, serving consecutive terms as Historian, Newsletter Editor, Public Relations Director, and Chair of the Maine Highland Games, the largest Scottish Games in the State of Maine.

National Chair, Tartan Day Coordinators ~ managing and assisting the State Coordinators in planning and implementing their own state events.

State event coordinator for the Maine Tartan Day event held at the Capitol Building in Augusta, Maine

Member of the Scottish Coalition Communications Committee.

Maine Representative for the Scottish Coalition Speakers Bureau.

Certified Communications Facilitator.